Emergency Alerts for Seniors and the Anatomy of a CST Call

Emergency Alerts for SeniorsThe friendly and reliable Critical Signal Technology call center helps reinforce the independence that comes along with owning an emergency alert for seniors. Each of our team members receives certified training in customer service, emphasizing the importance of an emergency medical response. At just the push of a button, the client is immediately connected to one of our professional call center representatives. The representative is given a specific set of instructions for each product once it’s been activated.

Once connected, a team member is provided with customized client information to ensure the safety of the caller. The call center representative will have information on who to contact, such as a neighbor, family member or the nearest hospital. The representative will speak with the client, determine the urgency of the situation and call the appropriate emergency contact. Our representatives will guide you the whole way through, ensuring you’re safe and taken care of before ending the call.

An emergency alert for seniors is an effective gateway that connects our call center to the client in urgent situations. CST’s call center offers assistance 24/7 and also supports bilingual customer service, including 177 other languages through Language Line Services. No matter what your situation, the CST call center will be there for you every step of the way.

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