How close to the console do I need to be in order to be heard?

Depending on a variety of factors, our 2-Way ClearVoice technology can often allow clear communication from several rooms away. In the event you are unable to communicate with us, due to choking, stroke, or heart attack, we will dispatch emergency services to your home.

Is your service covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance?

You should check with your health and home insurance provider to see if they will cover all or a portion of your life and home safety system. We do not submit claims, so you would need to seek payment through your provider on a reimbursement type basis.

Does the system work outside the home?

Pendant range is generally 200 feet. Depending on a variety of factors, such as distance and construction type, your pendant may work if you are outside. If we receive an alarm and you are unable to communicate with us, we will dispatch emergency services.

I have a rotary phone line, will that affect the system?

Not at all. Our system will work with either a rotary/pulse or tone telephone line.

Can I take the system with me if I move?

Yes. Simply call our Care Center so that we can update your file with the new address, telephone number, and local emergency services. You can even take it with you while you are visiting someone for a couple of weeks.

Who responds to my call for help?

A friendly operator at our Care Center will come through the voice console and speak with you. If rescue is needed we will call your local fire department and dispatch rescue.

What happens if my electricity goes out?

The system has a battery back-up that will operate the unit for up to 24 hours after an electrical outage. When power is restored the battery recharges, so it is ready for future power outages.

How will the paramedics get into my home?

Should we have to call paramedics, we would immediately call any friends, neighbors, or family members on your contact list that have a key to your home and live close enough to meet rescue and open the door. You can also hide a key outside or we have a realtor type lock box available where you can place a hidden key and we will give the combination to emergency service personnel at the time of the emergency.

How big is the pendant and console?

The console is about the size of your average telephone and sits easily on any table or is wall mountable. The pendant is very lightweight, less than an ounce, and not cumbersome in any way.

Is the pendant difficult to push?

No, the button you press on your pendant is designed so that it can be easily pressed and is sunken into the pendant in order to prevent accidental activations.

What happens if I accidentally set off my alarm?

If you should accidentally set off your alarm that is OK. Simply tell the operator you speak with, that you have accidentally pressed the button. They will then disconnect and no further action will be taken. We are here 24 hours a day and happy to assist you.

I live in a rural area, can I still be covered?

We provide service nationwide and as long as you have telephone service you can have our service ANYWHERE in the United States.

How do I plug it in? Do I lose my telephone jack?

You just simply plug the alarm in just like you would a table lamp. You would also snap it into a telephone jack and whatever is in the phone jack now, you simply pop into the back of our alarm unit.

Do I need a special phone jack in order to have your system?

No special type of jack is required in order for our alarm to work. However you will need a regular modular phone jack to plug your alarm into. It will work off your existing modular phone jack and will not affect your telephone or any other item plugged into the jack.

How long does it take to get a response after I press my pendant?

About 45 seconds (the length of time it would take to place a phone call).

If something should ever go wrong with my alarm, how do I get it fixed?

If this should happen, simply call our toll free number 1.888.55.SIGNAL (1.888.557.4462) and we will attempt to determine the problem. If for some reason we cannot resolve the problem we will send you a replacement unit at no charge.

Can I update and change information after I set up the system?

Of course! Just give us a call letting us know what you wish to change.

How do I receive a personal response system?

You can simply call 1.888-55-SIGNAL or visit our website and we can walk you through our options and answer all your questions.You can have a preprogrammed system with easy-to-follow “Plug & Play” instructions or arrange for one of our local team members to come to your home and install your unit for a charge of $50. All of our team members are trained, pre-screened and have passed a background check.

What is the VoIP Compatibility Notice?

CST’s PERS and MMS units were designed to work specifically with standard telephone lines, however, many popular VoIP services such as Vonage and Comcast pair successfully with our systems. Other providers, such as Quest, work less frequently. Services like Magic Jack, will not work at all. Each carrier and every location may be different and under these circumstances, compatibility cannot be fully assessed until a unit is installed and tested. If we cannot get your PERS or MMS functioning, there will be no charge for professional installation. *CST will not knowingly send an installer to a site with Magic Jack (or other) service with known incompatibility to CST’s products.

Do you have any other payment options after the initial charge?

Yes. You can choose to use your credit card, automatic debit from your checking account or even use PayPal to pay your monthly lease and monitoring fees. You decide.

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