Fraud Alert


Consumer Alert: Have you received aggressive medical alert telemarketing calls? Please read.

Novi, Michigan – Critical Signal Technologies (CST-LTL) has recently learned of widespread illegal and fraudulent telemarketing including using recorded messages (commonly referred to as “robo-calling”) targeting senior citizens in the U.S. and Canada offering personal emergency response services.

CST-LTL does not engage in telemarketing of this kind, nor do its partners or distributors. The unauthorized telemarketers making these claims do not represent CST-LTL. We understand this issue is currently being investigated.

If you or a loved one are contacted by unfamiliar telemarketers, do not provide credit card or bank information, and request contact information from the calling party. Consumers or CST-LTL subscribers who have received these calls may contact CST-LTL with any questions, at [888-557-4462].

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